Pharmachem – Triocil

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Triocil™ is a “low irritant” antiseptic and antifungal foaming wash for the prevention and treatment of skin disorders in dogs and horses. Contains excellent cleaning and coat maintenance properties.

Many years of use by veterinarians and owners have proven Triocil’s™ unique formulation effective in treating & assisting in the prevention of:
Bacterial infections
Fungal infections including Ringworm
Skin rashes
Cuts and wounds

Product Benefits: Triocil™ is a unique high quality antiseptic wash for the relief of various skin irritations with animals. Therefore, simply wet the animal’s coat with water and apply Triocil™ as per the directions. In addition, routine use will not only ensure a soft lustrous coat but will help prevent skin irritations. Above all, Hexetidine (the active constituent of Triocil™) has antibacterial and antiprotozoal actions in a “low irritant” formula.

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250ml, 500ml

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