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Calcium, considered one of the most essential minerals, is deficient in most Australian soils.

Nearly 70% of minerals found in a horses’ body are made up of Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous. These minerals are critical for bone, teeth, joint and cartilage health. For the active working horse, between 25% and 50% of absorbed calcium is lost during exercise or competition.

If your horse is restricted to a small paddock, locked in a stable, or kept in a paddock with poor pasture, how are you maintaining your horses’ calcium requirements?

The NRG Team has spent considerable time developing a quality and cost-effective calcium supplement that ensures your horse achieves the daily mineral requirement and helps avoid costly leg and skeletal problems. NRG’s Calcium has added Magnesium and Selenium for efficient absorption and the correct balance of Phosphorous to combat feed imbalance.

Excess Phosphorus in the horses’ diet leads to less calcium being absorbed. Most grains and especially brans are high in Phosphorus and low in Calcium which leads to a mineral imbalance and poor Calcium absorption.

Note: The NRG Calcium mix has the ideal balance of Calcium and Phosphorous at a 2:1 ratio with added Magnesium for better Calcium absorption and Selenium for muscle development. Many horses’ diets tend to be Calcium deficient and extra Calcium is required to balance the Ca/Ph ratio. Like any mineral, overfeeding can also cause problems, so it is important to achieve the correct mineral ratio.

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