Joseph Lyddy -Crib Stop Spray – 500ml

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Joseph Lyddy Crib Stop Spray is a top quality product that is used to prevent destructive chewing as well as biting in horses. This product can also be used for puppies and dogs too. Crip Stop can be sprayed on the horse’s clothing, leg wraps, wood, tails and males, bedding, tack and more. It also prevents dogs from bandage chewing, wood chewing, eating their beddings, lead chewing, as well as chewing on household stuff. It is easy to use and a very useful product to have.

How it works?

Crib Stop Spray is a 500ML product used in horses and dogs. The product is made up of several ingredients including Capsicum Flavour, Bitters, Water and Eucalyptus. All of the ingredients help in discouraging chewing and biting in pets such as dogs and horses.

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